How To Protect Children Against Traffic Injuries on Halloween

The excitement of Halloween is creeping slowly closer, and we at Baytown Ford are very excited. However, what safety precautions are you taking to keep your family safe? Have fun, but don’t forget to protect yourself and your loved ones.

Protecting children against accidents

• Let your kids have the right attire to protect them. Ensure costumes fit well to avoid any accidents like tripping while crossing the road.
• During decoration of costumes, ensure that you include reflective stickers for visibility purposes.
• Don’t let kids under 12 walk alone in the night. They should have adult supervision.
• Preferably instead of masks, you could do some face painting on them to avoid unclear vision.
• Teach your children road safety tips like looking at both sides of the road before crossing.

Our team of experts in Baytown will be more than pleased to take you through the process to ensure that you stay safe. We as the entire team wish you a happy Halloween full of candy and fun.
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