Tell-Tale Signs You May Have a Leaky Exhaust

Have you ever wondered how you would know if you had an exhaust system problem? Exhaust system problems aren't just when your muffler is loud. You can also have a leak in various places along your entire exhaust system line. When you have a leak, you can have potentially serious problems to you and your passengers health, including exposure to toxic fumes from your exhaust system.

There are a few ways that you can spot a potential exhaust system leak. First of all, you might notice that your vehicle is not as fuel efficient, causing you to fill up your tank more often. Secondly, you might notice that your steering wheel, foot pedals, or seat vibrate. Finally, you might also notice a popping or hissing noise when your engine in on.

If you have noticed any of these tell-tale signs, come to the Baytown Ford auto service and repair shop, and we'll be happy to diagnose and fix your vehicle.

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