Mustang Gains Place as World's Best-Selling Sports Coupe

The latest from Ford is a powerful sports car that is turning heads. Named as the best-selling sports coupe for 2018, the new Mustang is a beast on the roads. There are 14 different trims including EcoBoost, V6, and V8 engines for efficiency or power. In addition, drivers are in complete control while they drive with amazing new FordPass that lets you get the fuel efficiency you need to get to work.

Ford also released the all new Mustang BULLITT, which is a commemorative edition that comes with unique sporty grille and headlamp design, as well as a very high-tech interior. The BULLITT also has a pretty powerful engine with a V8 that can put out 526-horsepower.

There are a number of new things in the Mustang for driver safety, voice-activated controls, sound systems, power, styling, entertainment, and comfort. You can take a test drive at Baytown Ford.



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