Capability Features of the Ford EcoSport

The Ford EcoSport is a popular compact SUV that has industry-leading capability features in addition to its stylish design and performance on the road. Whether you are doing errands around town or are set to enjoy a long weekend drive, the EcoSport is ready for anything.

With the EcoSport, you no longer have to worry about stopping on a hill. The Ford SUV comes equipped with Hill Start Assist, an automatic feature that keeps the brake on once it has been engaged until the driver presses down on the accelerator. This keeps the car from rolling backward while on a steep incline.

The turbocharged one-liter engine is an award-winning design for six years running. Peppy thanks to its direct injection engine, you'll have the power to dart into traffic when you need it. An optional Auto Start-Stop features allows the engine to turn itself off when not in use, such as when idling at a stoplight. It will engage again the moment the driver presses the accelerator.



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