Navigation and Driver Assist Features of the New Ford Escape

There are a ton of features that are useful in the new Ford Escape. While some of them may seem like mere bells and whistles, they actually have a lot of purpose and add to the convenience of using the vehicle. We have chosen this vehicle for our new Ford inventory because of these features.

One of the technology features of this vehicle deals with the ability to connect online. The vehicle offers Wi-Fi connectivity. This allows passengers to connect to the internet so that they can access their favorite apps while they are going on a ride with you.

One feature that will compel you to take a test drive is the driver assist systems available for the new Escape. This system offers a set of features which help you avoid collisions at various points in the journey. There is the forward collision warning as well as the cross traffic alerts, which will let you know if you are headed for a possible collision.



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