How the Ford F-250 Uses Technology to Help You Get Things Done

You should always expect that a new heavy duty pickup truck such as the new Ford F-250 comes with a powerful engine lineup and rugged build quality that allow you to push the limits of towing and hauling with ease. You’ll find that when you see the F-250 models available at Baytown Ford, but you’ll also find that they offer a bevy of advanced technology features to help make those tough jobs just a little easier.

Towing Tech

The most basic of towing tech features is the tow-hitch backup camera, that uses a superimposed set of grid lines to help you line up your hitch with your trailer using the pre-existing rear-facing camera shot. This makes it easier than ever to link your truck with your trailer even when on your own, so there’s less guess work and adjustments that slow down your progress.

You’ll also find that the Blind Spot Information System with Trailer Coverage gives you more confidence than ever when towing through busy streets and highways. Rather than forcing you to rely on just your mirrors to make safe lane changes, BLIS with Trailer Coverage can extend to the end of your trailer so you can make more confident lane changes with less hesitation.

Trailer Sway Control monitors the yaw of both your truck and trailer and senses when things are getting a little out of hand. It will then selectively apply the brakes to individual wheels and can even adjust engine power to help get everything back under control.

Finally, Pro Trailer Backup Assist takes the guesswork out of backing your trailer into tight spaces and around corners. Simply rotate the knob in the direction you’d like to go, and your Ford F-250 will help you guide it perfectly into place the first time.

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