When you hear the name Ford Expedition, you immediately conjure an image of a larger than life SUV that is capable of hauling half a soccer team. And you would be absolutely right. This large, family-friendly SUV certainly is spacious, but it brings much more to the table than just sheer size. Visit Baytown Ford to experience the 2020 Ford Expedition first hand today!

Advanced Technology

Whenever you travel with your family, safety is a number one priority. That’s why the 2020 Ford Expedition offers state-of-the-art driver assistance technology that focuses on helping you stay out of trouble.

Forward collision alert with automatic emergency braking keeps a radar eye on the road ahead and warns you when you rapidly approach a vehicle or pedestrian. If you fail to react quickly enough, automatic emergency braking slows you down to help reduce the impact.

Meanwhile, blind spot monitoring keeps an eye on those areas your mirrors can’t quite catch, giving you clear indication when it is unsafe to make a lane change. It can even sense vehicles rapidly approaching from behind that may cause an accident even if they haven’t overlapped with you just yet.

However, if you use the adaptive cruise control and lane keep assist features in tandem, your 2020 Ford Expedition will help make sure you’re staying out of dangerous situations in the first place. Adaptive cruise control will allow you to select an ideal cruising speed as well as an ideal following distance, and will adjust your speed according to traffic to maintain that distance. At the same time, Lane Keep Assist monitors road markings and offers gentle steering adjustments to keep you safely centered in your lane. Together they’ll help ease fatigue, keep you away from hazards, and allow you to focus on the road further ahead so you can better anticipate trouble on your own.

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