Used Ford Mustang Cars for Sale in Baytown

Used Ford Mustang Cars in Baytown

It's one of the most iconic nameplates in automotive history, but are you ready for your own Ford Mustang experience? Visit Baytown Ford and explore our used Ford Mustang cars to find the muscle car that will define your joyrides for years to come.

About the Ford Mustang

With a heritage that stretches back generations, the Ford Mustang has a lifetime of muscle car performance under its belt. These days though, things are quite a bit more sophisticated. Don't worry, you can still find thundering V8 engines under the hood, but you'll also find modern adaptations like turbocharged six and four-cylinder options that offer their own takes on what performance looks like. And underneath, four wheel independent suspension and adaptive damping gives you impeccable handling that lets you keep up in the corners as well.

Shopping Our Used Inventory at Baytown Ford

At Baytown Ford, we want to make your used car shopping experience a breeze. As you explore our used Ford Mustang cars, you'll notice that there are clearly marked prices on every vehicle. That's a part of our Sonic Price promise, and it also means that every price is fair based on local market data, no haggling required. You'll never pay dealer handling fees either and we share inventory with nearby Sonic dealerships to help you find the perfect fit. Shop multiple stores at once and find the perfect used Ford Mustang car for your Baytown driveway!